Some enormous news,

Or, Why I have been so quiet

Right, here goes. I resigned and am starting a new job in September at a brand new company!

*Has moment of existential panic, followed by elation and excitement. Makes some sweet tea.*


This has been a big step for me after eight years at the same company, but is an opportunity that I have thought about and prayed about and wished for for some time now. So how could I pass it up when it came along?

Of course, I could not just go blabbing about maybe resigning and taking a new position before everything was done and dusted. On Friday, I handed in my resignation letter to my boss. And now I can go on blabbing about a new position at a new company!


“What is this new job?” you might be wondering.

Well… it is as a… copy writer!

But I will still be working in magazines and media, so that is not changing. And I already know two people at the new company from having worked with them before so yay!


Yes, well fine, congratulations and all, but what about the writing

Thank you for asking. The writing is coming along well – except that The Box of Secrets is taking longer than I thought because of two very difficult scenes that are either filled with action or are emotionally charged. This may include a death scene. And I don’t just want to write it and put it out there when I’m not happy with it as these scenes are two hugely important ones in the story.

So, the short answer is, fear not! The writing is continuing, I just don’t have much to show the public at the moment.

However, if you don’t yet know, you can now read part 1 to 3 of The Box of Secrets on my Patreon page without having to be a patron!

And I also really need to remember to go and update my Camp NaNo word count…



By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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