Camp NaNoWriMo – Into the Last Stretch

Okay, so my Saturday of Epic Writing did not pan out quite as I had planned.


This weekend, thanks to a monumental headache, I only managed to finish part three of The Box of Secrets (which has now also been posted over here on Patreon). Which is a far cry from the 10K I had wanted to write. In my favour, however, is the coming long weekend. Thanks to a day of leave and two public holidays I have five days of what I hope will be Epic Writing Days.

To finish the 25K words I had set as my goal for April, I still need to write 16K words, so I have my work cut out for me. However, should I finish part four of The Box of Secrets this weekend, I will already have about 12K words. Add to that some other exercises, or the beginning of part five, and I may just still make 25K by Sunday!


I am really excited about writing part four — as well as having some trepidation as the one scene is quite a big one action-wise. I also get to introduce a new character and say hello again to two characters who also appeared in Grove of Graves (*does happy dance*).


Other Writing News — In which I forget about a writing course, want to write all the things, and get to work on some articles again

I kind of forgot that I enrolled for a free online writing course that started this week… So during the following weeks I will probably post some of the bits and pieces I write for the class on here and on Patreon.

Also, thanks to The Box of Secrets going so well, I am quite in the mood again to Write All The Things and just write up every idea I have scribbled down in my notebooks. Luckily, so far, I am able to keep my focus on Box first before I go on to write any of the other things! One of the projects I am setting aside for later is set in the world of “The Tree-seller” (amongst others) and will be either a novel or a series of novellas. So you see my predicament in not trying to write everything all at once.


It is also high time that I work on my academic articles again. I put them aside so that I can look at them with new eyes and I really hope that my eyes are now inclined to see where work is still needed before I even give them to someone else to read! These are proper academic articles, mind you, not my satiric stuff I sometimes write for Speculative Grammarian. (For those interested – one of these articles I’ve taken from my MA and the other is from the paper I read at SASMARS last year.)


So… what’s the deal with Patreon?

If you become one of my Patrons on Patreon (it costs $1 per month), you get Patreon-only fiction every month, as well as a look behind the scenes at the creation of The Ruon Chronicles. While there are some Worldbuilding, etc. on Hersenskim, the detail given on Patreon is a lot more in-depth. Maps! Mind maps! Other cool stuff!

And, while you’re on Patreon, why not check out Nthato Morakabi as well? His fiction is simply brilliant!


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