Worldbuilding Wednesday: The Houses and Houses of Learning of Khallahna and Ezankhall

Overall the buildings are squat with almost flat roofs and small windows. The walls are of the same clay-white colour as the soil, giving them the appearance of sprouting from the ground. Beyond the first clusters of houses and workshops rise the houses of the rich. These are up to three storeys high, though built of the same stone and clay. Some six to eight of these houses would stand clustered around a central courtyard of lush water gardens and walkways.

A central entrance to this courtyard has large, reinforced, wooden doors bearing the sigils of the family or families living within. The walls beside the doors may be decorated with reliefs or subtle paint.

The houses of the ruling lords in the cities are lavish above all. Set in such a way that they look down on the city below, the outer wall is decorated wholly with relief images. The most lavish use precious metals not only on the doors of their houses, but also on the walls.

The Houses of Learning

The Houses of Learning is lavish above all. In the richest cities the images on the walls may even be decorated with gold and jewels. Within the different buildings could also be found grans decorations. While the main hall of the ruler was decorated in splendour with stone and mosaic, the Houses of Learning was decorated no less lavishly. Even glass, gold, and jewels sparkled upon all the walls of some to create a vast kaleidoscope of colour.

Most of the houses held a Seeker of Knowledge and is named after one of the wisdom Airus or Khalne. It is also these houses where the scriptoriums are. They are considered to be holy places and the work of the scribes and illuminators are as good as those of Holt Haliern.

Because the work they deliver are so sought after, there is much competition between houses and schools for excellence. Most of the professional scribes will spend time at Holt Haliern, even if only for a season.

As in Dumal and Treddian, scholarship is highly prized in Khallahna. For, while some want to forget the Sundering, the Farlands cannot.

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By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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