Goals for 2017

I’ve already stated my writing goals for 2017 in this blogpost, so I thought that I would take this time to look at what I want to achieve next year with regard to my crafting.

Looking back at 2016…

2016 was a really productive year (starting, actually, just after Christmas 2015) crochet and knitting wise. I finished various crocheted and knitted pieces, among which are the four mermaid tail blankets I completed (okay, the last one is 95% done), a large pineapple shawl (my biggest project up until then), two knitted scarves, a baby blanket, and various security blankets.

The knitting is especially a big thing as it was the first time in about a decade that I picked up the needles and the first time I tried my hand at not only increasing and decreasing, but also (very basic) lace knitting. So, yes, my knitting may not look perfect, but I am proud of it because it’s my first go at something more intricate than basic knit and purl rows.

I also started the Randburg Knitting and Crochet Meetup a few months ago and we’ve turned into a great bunch of women that meet once a month to crochet, knit, chat, drink tea and coffee and perhaps even eat some cake. Then, of course, I also started this blog not too long ago…

Looking forward to 2017…

On the knitting front I hope to better my technique and knowledge by knitting some more smallish projects like scarves. But, for the moment, my plans for 2017 do include a LOT of crocheting. One of my friends who also started crocheting and I are going to make the Duinen scarf by Jasmin Räsänen (I cannot get enough of her patterns!) whereafter I plan to make the Edlothia shawl – also by Jasmin Räsänen – with some yarn I bought during the year.12940080_202466006801173_1663928324_n_small2

As I at last got my hands on some more of the Elle “cool and crazy” no 5 thread, I can also finish the mermaid tail shawl next year – whoohoo!

Lastly, I want to try and do more amigurumi. So far I’ve only made a Baymax and enjoyed myself thoroughly and really want to explore that kind of crocheting as well.

But that’s not all…

Besides the projects I’m making for myself (although the knitted scarves will become gifts if they turn out well!) I am also going to make some goodies for a local charity called Beanies, Booties, and Blankets. They are one of the charities that make baby clothes and blankets for less fortunate babies and mothers in the state hospitals.

I’ve also thought about making beanies for cancer patients for a local oncology centre, so maybe the making of crocheted/knitted goodies will go hand-in-hand. Because the projects, like beanies and booties, are so small, they are also easier to carry around than the shawls and mermaid tails! And will be a lot easier to WIP out in a long queue than half a blanket…

Moar tails!

I’ve also received word that other people also want to order some of the mermaid tail blankets, so there may be quite a few WIP pictures still to come…

Have a blessed festive season, Christmas, and New Year!


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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