Goals for 2017 (and looking back at 2016)

The year is winding down and I’ve decided that this will probably be my last post until the beginning of January (just so that I have some time for a breather!). In this post I will look back on 2016 and look forward to some of my plans for 2017.

2016 – The Year That Was…

2016 was really a great writing year for me. It started out with the release of Jozi Flash (which you can download over here), after which Dim Mirrors followed (download it over here).

I also had the wonderful opportunity to give a paper at the Southern African Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in August (read more about it over here) before receiving the news that I won second place in the Story of the Year category of the Ink.org.za competition!


I wrote a whole bunch of flash fiction, some short fiction, worked on The Ruon Chronicles, and started my own Patreon page. I even tried my hand at making a short video for my page…

But I hope that this is just a warm-up for the year to come.


The Year That Will Be…

My writing goals for 2017 start out quite simple – write more. (My crafting/charity goals are over at Trebles On My Mind.) But five things which I do want to achieve is:

  • Finish Charms of Life and Death so that it’s ready to be sent to agents
  • Get five stories – flash or short – published (not self-published)
  • Get some of my fiction into the Kindle store
  • Get more patrons over on Patreon
  • Continue writing flash fiction – at least one on a weekly basis (for Microcosms or Cracked Flash Fiction most probably) [this includes Afrikaans flash fiction – I’ve been seriously neglecting my Afrikaans fiction!]

On the blog

That said, I hope to do more book reviews in 2017, and will definitely continue with Folklore and Myth Thursday! (I’m also blogging over at Trebles On My Mind if you’re into crafty things.)

Jozi Flash Volume 2

Ok, that’s probably not going to be its actual title, but bear with me. March 2017 will see the release of another flash fiction anthology of which eight of my stories will form a part. We’re all also very hard at work on these stories during the festive season.

Other than that, I can’t wait to break in my new diary and calendar (oh, the bliss of stationery!) and jump back into work after a bit of a rest.


In closing

If you’re celebrating Christmas – merry Christmas! Otherwise I wish you a blessed festive season and all the best wishes for a wonderful 2017!


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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