NaNoWriMo, Patreon, and the Saga of the Flooded Apartment

An End to the Saga of the Flooded Apartment

What a whirlwind!

These past two weeks have flown by at a breakneck pace for me (which is partly why I haven’t been able to blog properly). But the good news – at least for me – is that The Saga of the Flooded Apartment is finally over. What started in May as a surprise when I came home after a weekend away finally ended when I got new carpets and tiles! Yay! So now my place looks like a home again (mini makeover included!) and I feel like I have space to live again after having stacks of stuff everywhere to get it out of the way of the water. Now all that’s left is getting all the books back to the living area and rearranging some things in the kitchen. Because I kind of also went into Spring Cleaning Mode. Which, I guess, isn’t a bad thing.

Being back to normal also means having my writing space back – whoohoo! And a good thing as well as I’ve started prepping for NaNoWriMo.

The Epicness of the NaNoWriMo Novel of 2016

copy-of-charms-of-life-and-deathFirst off, this year my NaNo novel prepping will be a lot more structured than last year. While pantsing did work well for some parts of the story (and I seem to do worldbuilding well when I’m discovery writing), the story morphed into a much larger story and I need to plan everything out – or at least most things out – before I get three quarters of the way and realise that I am stuck.

I’ve never sat down and planned such a long piece from beginning to end, so to help me I got K.M. Weiland’s outlining and structure books. This month will therefore be spent working through those books and getting everything ready so that I can just start writing – and rewriting in some cases – the first book of The Ruon Chronicles.


Patreon Fiction

Besides the NaNo prepping I’m also working on the October Patreon fiction. Because the story also takes place in Airtha-Eyrassa, it’s really helping with worldbuilding a part of the world I haven’t really touched on before. Rather than just going – well those guys over there are the bad guys – I want to get into the culture and mindset of the people so that it’s clear that they’re not just there to fulfill the role of the guy sitting in a large chair stroking a white cat.

Deadlines, deadlines, everywhere

So, all in all, October promises to be a very busy month (I’m also heading into double-deadline-crunch-time at work*), but I hope that it will all pay off in November when I can finish the whole first book to such a degree that only editing will be needed and not another rewrite!

* The “double deadlines” mean that, instead of having one deadline a week I now have two for a couple of weeks as we get closer to December and to Christmas when the printing of the mags go into overdrive to get everything finished. (I work in magazines, btw.)

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year, how is your planning going? I’d love to hear!

Ps. Blogposts will be back to normal from next week.


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


  1. “they’re not just there to fulfill the role of the guy sitting in a large chair stroking a white cat.” LOL.
    I’m hoping to actually get to do some NaNoPrep, but it seems that everything is conspiring to keep me away from that story until November. *sigh*
    I totally get the excitement of being back in “the writing-space” – I’ve finally moved back into mine (let’s just say that August’s tornado didn’t do me any favours), and my writing is back on track.
    All the best for your writing 🙂


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