Weekly Finds – 9 September 2016

Self-publishing, Bows and Arrows, Fossils, Planets, and More

Podcast of the Week

Villains and Inciting Incidents by Story Grid Podcast

Join Shawn Coyne, author of Story Grid and a top editor for 25+ years, and Tim Grahl, struggling writer, as they discuss the ins and outs of what makes a story great.

Videos of the Week

The Oldest Fossils Ever Found – By SciShow

This was just too cool not to share!

3 moons and a planet that could have alien life by TED

Articles of the Week:

Should I Self-publish, the 2016 Edition by Patty Jansen

I’ve made two posts with the title Should I self-publish? before, a few years ago. The focus of the first post was shooting yourself in the foot with the publishing industry which, once upon a time declared you persona-non-grata if you self-published a single thing. Remember that time? Ridiculous!

How to make your own bow and arrow by Popular Mechanics

After a compound bow failed him on a turkey hunt more than a decade ago, 29-year-old Michael Spink of Spink Wooden Bows in Pocahontas, Arkansas, started making his own wooden bows by hand. He walked us through the process of crafting a 68-inch Native American longbow.

The W5 of Literary Translation: A Short Introduction for Authors

Here is a short introduction to literary translation for those of you who may want to consider it as an option for your work.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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