Flash Fiction – The Oath

“You could forget who you are in a place like that,” the Seeker told the young man.

“Why would I want to forget?” he snapped at the old man.

“Trevian,” his mother chided from the other side of the room.

“Look at me,” the old Seeker said, stretching out his arms and turning in a circle. “Are these the robes a helper on a pig farm could ever have worn? Because that is who I would have been before I went to the Sanctuary and became a Seeker of Knowledge.”

“Are you telling me that my life isn’t good enough?”

“I am telling you that your life could be much better – and much longer. There is no reason for you to go off and fight.”

“It’s war. And honour.”

“There are many types of honour.” The Seeker glanced towards the mother and nodded. “Not that you have much say in the matter,” he told the rehearsed lie. “Your mother bound you to us by oath.”

“That was before I was born!”

“Which makes her oath so much stronger than you telling your friends that you will go fight with them while you were drunk!” The Seeker brought his hand down on the table so hard that both child and mother flinched.

“I swore an oath to the Wislic of the Sanctuary in the name of the Creator,” the mother said. “It is an oath that cannot be broken.”

“You are now eighteen,” the Seeker said. “Which means that you are now bound to the Sanctuary. You will follow me and turn away from this folly. Go and fetch your things.”


The mother watched her eldest child leave her home with the Seeker and wondered if she would be punished for lying about an oath that she had never made.

Story Notes:

“The Oath” also takes place in the world of Airtha-Eyrassa. I haven’t really written a story about the Seekers of Knowledge before (except for the Patreon patrons where there were some worldbuilding notes). As it had to be a story of a max of 300 words (mine came to 299), I didn’t put in too much extra info, but the Sanctuary I wrote about here is Holt Haliern in the Midlands and not the Eastern Keepers (on the map it is only marked as “HH”).

To read more stories set in Airtha-Eyrassa, you can also visit my DeviantArt page or my Patreon page (both have free stories). They also contain a preview of The Ruon Chronicles.

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By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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