Writing Resources and Writing Update: June 2016 (Part 2)

Writing Update June 2016 Header

Writing and worldbuilding and resources o my!

June is drawing to a close and that means that the second Camp NaNoWriMo is almost here! Looking back on the month, I did get quite a bit of writing and worldbuilding done.

Writing Resources

I treated myself to K.M. Weiland’s book Outlining Your Novel this month (it’s about $8 for the book and the workbook bundle on Kindle, which is not bad at all). The main reason why I did this is to be able to better plot out the whole of the Ruon Chronicles. I am so used to pantsing that I don’t want to get to a point in the Chronicles where I am suddenly so stuck that I can’t see a way to move forward with the story! I also want to get all the ideas and storylines down on paper as a lot of it is just floating around in my brain. And you never know when you’ll misplace a file in there…

The second resource I can highly recommend is Scapple. It is made by the same awesome people that made Scrivener (if you do not know about Scrivener, check out the video below). It is a mind mapping software on steroids and perfect for plotting out stories. This one costs $14.99, but you get a non-consecutive 30-day trial, so try it out first and see how it works for you. I am also including a video about Scapple below.

The third resource is not strictly a writing resource, but more of a blogging and social media resource. It’s called Canva and is a online design programme which is incredibly easy (and mostly free) to use. You probably noticed my header images if you read the blog often. Well a lot of them are made with Canva and takes only a few minutes to complete. I have also created some social media posts and quotes on there. Head over to Canva to check out all the different templates they have. This is a post I created on Canva –

The Lilypad

Ps. These are not affiliate links – I just think they’re awesome resources.

Writing and Worldbuilding News

This month I finished the story (Dans op die maan), which I entered into a local contest and sent it off in time. It was one of those that I finished and then tweaked and tweaked until I realised that I would miss the deadline if I didn’t stop fiddling with it and just sent it and be done with it. All in all I am happy with how it turned out in the end.

Besides Dans op die maan, I finished some worldbuilding posts for Patreon and the Patreon-only June fiction which is set in the world of Airtha-Eyrassa. I also redrew my map for Airtha-Eyrassa to include the whole world. I like how the map turned out and a copy of the new one is now up against the mirror where I sit and work. I’ll also post the map on the blog tomorrow.

Looking forward to July and Camp NaNoWriMo

July is definitely going to be a busy month as it is not only Camp NaNoWriMo, but also the month in which I need to finish the article for the SASMARS conference. There is also another short story I’m busy with (tentatively called “A Mask of Paper and Porcelain”) which I would like to finish in July. It looks like it’s going to be about 6 000 – 7 000 words when it’s done (it’s about 4 500 at the moment). Like the article, it will also count towards my Camp NaNoWriMo word goal.

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