Flash Fiction: Revenge

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This was written for Cracked Flash Fiction over the weekend – you get the first sentence or two and then you have to write a story in 300 words.


“Don’t feel bad. I’m pretty hard to kill.”

The voice was inside her head, but it was the wizard’s voice nonetheless. The frog stared at her with the unmistakable prideful glare that the wizard had given her every day she had been working there. He had thought that she was just some illiterate girl who came to dust his books.

In the corner of the book-filled room the dozing cat’s ears twitched.

“You won’t kill me by just turning me into something else. I could still turn you into a fly in this form and kill you.”

“A fly of all things? Would that be a predator killing a prey or cannibalism?” she asked. She had to stall him somehow while she thought what she could do next.

“It would be a higher species killing something of no importance. And that is what you are, after all, no one of importance.”

“You are not a great wizard if you cannot look beyond a simple cloaking spell, brother,” she said. She had heard somewhere that the wizard had had a brother.

“But, but I killed you! I buried you and burned your bones just last summer!”

“You only thought they were mine!” she said without blinking.

“Then I shall kill you today!” the wizard shouted.

The cat pounced, claws extended. The girl watched in horror as the cat bit into the frog, killing it. The wizard’s death screams echoed in her mind.

The cat prodded the frog and, when it did not respond, he lost interest and padded back to his favourite sleeping place. Before the cat curled up, he looked at the girl and she swore he meant it to mean ‘Well he did kick me sometimes’.

“And good riddance,” she said.


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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