Flash Fiction: Invisible/Unseen

Changyu Hu Building Heading

Invisible/Unseen is a collection of three of my flash fiction stories and is available on Wattpad to read for free. Here’s a taste of the stories – just click on the title to be taken to the Wattpad page.

The Midnight Walk

Those of us who are safe this month are almost asleep when the spectres steal out of automatic gates and into the streets during the witching hours. They walk the streets every month at the same time when few are awake and even fewer dare to venture out into the night’s dangerous streets. They walk with bags slung over shoulders or weighing down arms. Some trudge along with a baby bundled on their back.

From where I lie I can hear a family pass by in the street. Their footsteps are sluggish, the children’s voices low whispers. The father drags a wheeled rubbish bin filled with possessions behind him. The plastic wheels clatter of the uneven tar and dogs start to bark. Faces like mine appear at dark windows to watch them pass. The adults walk head down, staring at the worn tar beneath their feet. Staring at the faded white letters painted at the corner of every street they pass. Letters telling them to do the one thing they can’t. Stop. Stop. Stop. Still they stagger on.

I’ll Be Stardust

“I think I should quite like being stardust,” I say when the camera man points the giant lens at me. It’s obviously not what the film crew wanted to hear, but it was all I could think of saying. There was no use in being angry or having my last words be curses at people I don’t know. They, after all, were also standing at the edge of their graves. Around us the city was lit brighter than any night before. You could hardly see the black sky. Even the full moon seemed faded.

All Things Unseen

It all started the day I realised I was turning invisible. It was a few weeks after I had lost my words. I didn’t realise it was happening for weeks, months. Perhaps it had started years ago and I was simply to caught up in life to realise what was really happening. Perhaps I wanted to be blind. When I did notice it, I saw that it was the skin that went first. Pale didn’t become paler as much as it became transparent. Veins that were nearly invisible once were revealed to me until I thought I could see the blood move within them. I seemed to fade faster once I knew it was happening. But there seemed to be no way of stopping it. After all; I didn’t even know what had started it. Not really.

To read the complete Invisible/Unseen, click here.

The Invis Cov

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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