It’s Almost Time for Camp NaNoWriMo

It’s difficult to believe that we’re already on the countdown to Camp NaNoWriMo – I still feel as if it should be January! Although I think that my studies can be blamed for time feeling a bit more wibbly-wobbly to me…

For this Camp I didn’t create a new project as my project for the month, but decided to continue editing my NaNoWriMo novel of last year for the Camp NaNoWriMo project. I put the word count at 20 000 words, which means 667 words per day – although I do have a week off during the month during which I can do more work if I fall behind.

Here’s a quick summary of the novel I’m busy with.

Kermit Typing Gif

And in other news…

I am still busy working on a few other projects, though they are going slower than I thought because I am spending much more time editing the NaNo novel at the moment. So I am still working on Dim Mirrors and the Afrikaans stories, but the anthology will not be ready this month after all. Unless time goes wibbly-wobbly again and I suddenly have more time to work in than I had bargained on!

In the meantime, you can read some of my new fiction over here on Wattpad.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


  1. I like the pic of your writer… It definitely feels like that sometimes, mm? Good luck with the writing. Are you going to take part in the A-Z April blogging challenge too?


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