Writing News and Some Flash Fiction

I’ve been busy with some more flash fiction (to be sent off for publication – I hope) and there are three stories I’m working on in the round basically. They’re all now in the final stages of editing before I’ll send them off and hold thumbs. Then there’s another story needing a major rewrite, but I think I’ll keep that one until after NaNoWriMo (which starts on Sunday).

I’m really looking forward to meeting all the other NaNoWriMo participants in my area on Sunday! And I hope to get out a few thousand words on the day in case life gets in the way of me writing about 1 600 words every day. I’m also almost finished with an online course I’m taking in Social Media and ORM which is turning out to be a lot of fun (and another reason I won’t be able to work on the novel every day). I’ll give some NaNoWriMo updates as the month progresses, but I’m still adamant that I need to finish the first draft of the novel.

Until next time, here is a short piece I wrote:

Flash Fiction: A Letter of Condolences

Sarika nodded at the priest’s words of comfort. She glanced outside to where a scarecrow her son had made stood in the vegetable garden. She nodded again, staring at the scarecrow while her hands continued crocheting mechanically.
Take the letter back with you, she wanted to say. Tell God to give Henry back to me.

But there were no words, so she nodded again. Her hands ached, but she needed to stay busy. Her hands faltered. She needed something to take her mind off of everything. Perhaps a new pattern, she thought. In the green Henry always liked so much.

IMG_0514 copy

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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