Articles, An Interview, and Two Badges

Here is a link to my interview with Flash! Friday for my winning story “Bones Beneath the Juniper Tree” – in which I try to sound like I know what I’m doing and give sage writing advice. All in answers of 20 words.

I also received a badge for my story “Life on Canvas” over at Cracked Flash Fiction. You may notice that the characters mentioned in both the story and the interview have the surname Tellah. While not being close family, they are connected. “Life on Canvas” takes place in the same world as my current WIP.

Win Some, Lose Some…

The articles published last week included one about the Springbok Rugby World Cup team for 2015… and we do not talk about the South Africa vs Japan game. I have never heard the neighbourhood that quiet after a big game. Let’s hope the rest of the World Cup will look better for the Bokke! Here’s a short summary of the South Africa Springbok Rugby Team for the Rugby World Cup 2015.

But some good news placing South Africa in the headlines was the discovery of homo naledi. Here’s my short article about this great find (with links to the open access journal article) – Homo naledi – A New Light on Our Ancestry.


Can you believe that everyone is already starting to get into gear for this year’s NaNoWriMo? I’m going to be continuing Charms of Life and Death (working title) which I started during Camp NaNoWriMo – and I really want to finish the first draft by 30 November. This is the book that will come before the one I wrote halfway last year and then realised I’d written myself into a series and need to start earlier in the timeline of the world. It’s also when I realised that I need a lot more outlining than I had and had to find a better middle-ground between discovery and planning.

Other Flash Fiction

Some other flash fiction, along with the two winning stories, can be read over at Hersenskim Fiction.

ffwinner-web CrackedFlashFictionCompetitionBadgeSmall

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