Tuesday Tea Time Reads – A Trio of Tales

These were written for one of the Wamrup Wednesday challenges over at Flash! Friday. The prompt included using the title of a song as the title of your 100-word story. I tried to write three stories which are part of a bigger whole, but could still be read separately. Below the stories are the songs I used.

Alas, you salt sea gods

A sorrow-filled salt breeze curls around the house and pushes at the water where the child-sized boat stands empty upon the water. Beyond the grand house and manicured lawns a figure in white traces the edge of the tall cliffs where waves throw themselves to foam against the rocks. Her feet follows the path worn during long days of worrying and waiting. A gold locket with two photos polished bright by worried hands. The wedding dress worn the day before the ship set sail still catches in the salt air every day as she stands, weeps, and hopes.

Flow My Tears

A mother’s hands are never still. Today they busy themselves knitting a thick jersey the colour of the sea on a winter’s day. A cold day like today when foam washes and blows and cover the rocks like snow. When the mist conceals the great house and the sorrows it holds. A young bride left alone. A mother worrying and pouring every weeping breath and tear into the wool that will keep him safe from cold when he returns. If he returns.

The yarn twists and knots like her mind and her aching heart. A mother’s hands are never still.

Way to Go

The romance of the sea soon made way for fear stretching its tentacles from the depths of the dark crypt that lie wherever they go. Fiery drink do little to sway the cold or the loneliness. He dreams of his bride waiting on the cliffs, guiding the ship safely home. He dreams of his mother sitting in a chair by the windows; her hands as busy as they always are.

Many miles still stretch between him and home. But a figure in white and yarn the colour of the sea pulls him away from the crypt and takes him home.

Here you can have a listen to the songs:

Alas, you salt sea gods by Farrant

Flow my Tears by John Dowland.

Way to Go by Thieve and Die Heuwels Fantasties

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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