Epic and Amazing Writing Music

Photo by Luis Llerena

Thanks to sites like YouTube it’s getting increasingly easy to find new music to listen to. I find it especially great to find music from which to compile writing soundtracks or music to suit a specific scene or character. Here are five artists (most of which are indie artists) whom I love listening to while I work. These are for the most part only instrumentals and range from the epic-battle-scene-in-which-the-hero-will-die-or-prove-her/himself to the entering-an-enchanted-forest, to look-at-this-cool-magic and the just-plain-awesome. And if you don’t write fantasy or sci-fi it’s still really beautiful music…


Audiomachine is a studio that composes music for trailers and has released a number of albums. Their music are well suited to setting the scene for writing some speculative fiction. Their music can be found over here:

Two Steps from Hell

Like audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell composes music for soundtracks and trailers as well. While the name doesn’t really conjure up orchestral scores (at least for me), they are quite similar audiomachine. I should actually make time to find out where the name comes from… Their music is available at these links

And now for the indie artists – if you know of any other artists I need to check out, please drop me a comment.

Adrian von Ziegler

Adrian von Ziegler is an indie artist from Switzerland. I came across his music on YouTube while I was looking for writing music. I have to add that his “dark music” is truly dark and creepy (awesome, but creepy), so if you need a soundtrack for a dark character or scene look no further!

Adrian von Ziegler’s –

YouTube channel





BrunuhVille is an indie musician from Portugal. His music has quite an ethereal feel to it and contains a lot of pieces with choirs apart from soaring instrumentals. He also has some Celtic music (yay!). While the music is wonderful for inspiration, I also find it very good for working by during the day at the day job.

BrunuhVille’s –

YouTube channel



Antti Martikainen

Antti Martikainen is an indie musician from Finland. What’s great about his music, is that he has some Slavic and Finnish music as well as including a lot of other world music. He has great “battle music”, but his works also conjures up other worlds and peoples.

Antti Martikainen’s –

Home page



This is hardly an extensive list of musicians, so I’ll do some more posts on writing music in the future.

Photo by Luis Llerena

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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